Asia Pacific Health Alliance Pte Ltd | About Us
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About APHA

Incorporated in January 2019, Asia Pacific Health Alliance (“APHA”) aims to provide healthcare professionals and business owners with the knowledge and ability to position themselves and their businesses strategically within Singapore and the ASEAN region to encourage personal growth and development.


APHA through our management and consultancy arm is able to upscale your dental-related businesses by seeking out and facilitating opportunities for expansion in the South East Asia Region. We are also able to provide day to day advice on identifying workflow processes and increasing productivity in the clinics, resulting in increased revenues for our clients.


Apart from growing businesses through our management and consultancy arm, we also encourage personal grown and development by working with world-renowned institutions of higher learning.  APHA organises courses by world experts in the dental field both in Singapore and the ASEAN region to increase the quality and standard of dental care clinicians can provide to the local population. Together with our partners and the use of technology, we aim to “define the future of healthcare  education”


Through APHA’s management and consultancy services for businesses, and continuing professional education courses, we are able to provide continuing holistic growth for our clients, setting them apart from their competitors.


To encourage holistic growth of businesses and individuals by providing our clients with strategic positioning and management advice to propel their growth and presence in the region and also to increase their capabilities and skills as a clinician.


APHA aims to be the leading strategy and management consultancy for healthcare and also provide quality continuing dental education for professionals.

Our Core Values





We promise to be the best in what we do and adopt the best evidence-based standards or guidelines.





We treat everybody with honesty, decency and fairness.





We encourage our staffs to constantly developing new ideas, whatever their portfolio in making a difference in the way we work.





We encourage every individual employed by the company to dependent and maintaining reliability through being organised so that they can follow through on commitments.





Obtaining the best possible outcome in the least waste generate while supporting a quality workplace environment.